Guidelines and Safety


  • If inclement weather should start while the equipment is in use, calmly instruct all users to exit the equipment in an orderly fashion. Once all occupants are off of the equipment, turn off all air blowers attached to the inflatable.

  • Should water pool and congregate beneath any part of the blower or electrical cord, contact us for further instructions.

  • Do NOT operate any equipment in heavy rain, snow, hail, high wind, thunder and/or lightning. Doing so can lead to serious injury, death, and damage to personal property.

  • Non-wet slides can not be used when wet.

  • We will install all equipment in such a manner that it is safe for operation and as desirable to you as possible. However, we ultimately decide the final placement for optimal safety.

  • Moving any equipment is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This can cause the equipment to become unsafe for operation without the user knowing, causing serious injury, death, and personal property damage.

  • Removal of any equipment used to secure inflatables, generators, or air blowers in place is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

  • Should any equipment used to secure inflatables or other equipment in place, such as, but not limited to, tie-down stakes, become loose or dislodged, immediately instruct all users to exit the inflatable calmly and safely, and discontinue use of the inflatable. Call us for further instruction.

  • Extension electrical cords may be used to help provide power to the air blowers. These can be a tripping hazard, especially to young kids. Instruct everybody in the vicinity of the equipment on the location of extension cords and instruct them to not touch the cords. 



  • It is widely known that it only takes a few inches of water for children and adults to drown. Several pieces of equipment, such as slip and slides and wet slides, are designed to be used with water and often have a pool of some kind attached at the end of the slide. Adult supervision should be provided for these rides, as the water used increases the risk for injury and death.

  • Water using rides should NEVER be used near exposed electrical wiring.

  • Water can conduct electricity. This makes discontinuing operation of any equipment utilizing water a priority should inclement weather begin during a rental period.

  • Air blowers require electricity to operate and keep the inflatables full of air. Should power to the air blower be lost, the inflatable equipment will begin to deflate. DO NOT PANIC. You will have a small but not insignificant amount of time to instruct all users of the equipment to exit the inflatable prior to full deflation.

  • Do NOT allow any users to utilize the equipment before it is fully inflated.

  • Should the air blower(s) stop working due to a problem other than the electrical input (unplugged cord, power outage, etc.), contact us immediately.